How to Stop Comment Spam on Your WordPress Website

How to Stop Comment Spam on Your WordPress Website

Spam can be a big issue in the comments of WordPress sites, especially as they gain popularity. Here are some ways to prevent spam from reaching your website.

  1. Reduce the number of links allowed per post
    1. Most spam will add links in the comments of your website attempting to trick people into clicking them. Reducing the amount of links allowed in your comments can have a great impact against spam.
    2. In order to change the number allowed, log on to your WordPress dashboard. From there, go to Settings Discussion
    3. Find the Comment Moderation section.
    4. From here you can choose how many links are permitted per comment.
  2. Create a Comment Blacklist
    1. A lot of spam will have keywords that are easy to spot. WordPress allows you to create a list of words that will cause a comment to be flagged if used.
    2. From the WP dashboard, go to Settings → Discussion 
    3. Find the Comment Blacklist section.
    4. From here you can make a list of words that will send any comment containing them to the trash. Here is a link of recommended keywords to blacklist.
  3. Restrict comment privileges to only registered users
    1. To make it more challenging for spammers to comment, only allowing registered users to comment is very effective.
    2. Return to Settings → Discussion.
    3. Find the Other comment settings
    4. Check the Users must be registered and logged in to comment box then save your changes.
  4. Set up a comment moderation system
    1. This requires comments to be approved by a person for it to be posted.
    2. Go to Settings → Discussion 
    3. Find the Before a comment appears section
    4. Check the Comment must be manually approved section
  5. Install an anti-spam plugin
    1. Anti-spam plugins are a very efficient way of combating spam. Below are a few recommendations.
    2. Akismet
    3. Antispam Bee
  6. Move to a new comment system
    1. Some sites can support a different comment system that can help remove spam for you. 
    2. Disqus is a very popular third-party comment system.

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